I professionally build scale model car replicas. My specialty is Ferrari cars, however, I build other cars as well. I’ve been working on and building models for clients for over 10 years. I can do repairs on existing assembled models in your collection, or I can build you a new one.


My expertise is with Ferraris.  I’ve been a fan of their cars for decades and have a large following of friends and associates who have close ties with the Ferrari brand. I also worked for Ferrari North America personally. My knowledge of the cars allows me to build some of the most detailed and accurate models on the market today.


I build scale car models in 1/24, 1/20, 1/12 scale and larger. Other scales are possible, depending on the clients request. The models are traditionally built from high end kits, such as Model Factory Hiro or Studio 27. I’ve also repaired numerous car models of all kinds, made from plastic, metal, or multi-media components. Including the Amalgam Fine Model Cars. 


I am a meteculous and skilled builder. There are no shortcuts in my work. Modifications are often made to a model when needed. I build the scale models as accurate as possible to the real cars. My finished paint work is very well known to my clients and is considered some of the best in the world. My models are often found in showrooms, museums, offices, and fine homes around the world.


If you would like to have a scale model of a Ferrari built or repaired, or another car that deserves to be part of your collection, contact me with a detailed email on what you are looking for and the services you need.

Marco Rosso 747
Florida, USA
Phone: 305 764-5132