I created Marco Rosso 747 Cars web page because of my love and vast knowledge for Ferrari. After a few years experience building scale model cars, including working 3 years with Ferrari of North America, I took the challenge and started building Taylor Ferrari's in 1/24,1/20, 1/12 scale and other scales depending on the client's request. My philosophy is always learning and to build Ferrari kit exactly like the 1:1 car that the client may already own or wants. I take pride in the detail and the beautiful paint job for every car I build. My clients have included leading business people who want to exhibit the scale model car in their offices or homes. If you would like a scale model Ferrari or repair one you already have including Amalgam Fine Model Cars, please contact me for arrangements by email ​FerrariScaleModelCars@gmail.com. As you can see Ferrari is my passion!

Marco Rosso 747
Florida, USA
Phone: 305 764-5132
E-mail ferrariscalemodelcars@gmail.com